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We will be releasing our initial research findings via Instagram. Follow along!

Coming Soon:

A Data Archiving Tool for Underrepresented and Overlooked Figures in the Arts

Plain Sight Archive is committed to revolutionizing how we combat systemic institutional gender and racial bias in the arts by re-centering the perspective from which we view the art historical canon.

Plain Sight Archive’s core focus is to reveal, connect, and offer context to the legacies of 20th century underrepresented and overlooked figures in the arts. Traditional archiving tools center a select group of historical power-figures, creating a self-perpetuating cycle in which lesser known artists and arts communities are rendered invisible. Our mission is to provide an open, accessible knowledge archive that allows for the discovery and exploration of the relationships between creators and communities in the full context of their times. Our archive is not simply a repository, it is a dynamic, relational tool built to shift archival perspective - revealing the past as a network of experience rather than a series of isolated individuals.

Plain Sight Archive’s goal is the promotion of inclusive representation to combat historic systemic bias by expanding and deepening knowledge of the diversity of participants within the arts community. Our vision includes producing content for various media platforms that highlight our discoveries for a wide audience. We are also committed to amplifying others’ curatorial and scholarly work, recovery efforts, legacy and archive building.

Plain Sight Archive is currently applying for non-profit 501(c)(3) status in the state of California.

Plain Sight Archive